As part of Frontier’s commitment to safety; we have been certified under the Small Companies program with the BC Forest Safety Council since 2007.  During the year of 2011, our company has grown to the point that we are now considered a Large Company under the BC Forest Safety Council’s Safe Companies program.  We will therefore be completing our first BASE Audit with an outside safety auditor in December 2011.

As part of our certification, Frontier completes an annual maintenance audit of our entire safety program.  This review occurs with all of our workers and supervisors and helps us to identify any weak points and to Safe Certifiedre-align with our Safety Plan (if required).  Following the review, our audit is submitted to the Safety Council.  They then determine whether or not we meet the requirements to maintain our certification.

To learn more about the BC Forest Safety Council and the SAFE Companies program, click on the SAFE Certified logo.